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Since 1994, In Credible English has been creating world-class business documents that are immensely readable, usable, and persuasive. Our mission has always been to find the most effective, integrated ways to help small and medium-sized businesses make their messages make sense — on paper, online, and in face-to-face presentations — by offering a flexible approach and broad-based experience.
A Flexible Approach for Enhanced ROI

Your investment in making your messages make sense needs to last beyond today’s project. Whether you need a single project source or surge talent to enhance your in-house capabilities, In Credible English can fill the role you need. Being flexible, means that we:

  • Utilize a virtual team business model, making the most of strategic partnerships to put the best talent possible on your project. Because we have been successfully using this approach for two decades, you can count on the leadership savvy necessary to make this approach work for you.

  • Streamline project work via multi-specialty professionals for enhanced project cohesion and communication — our writers are designers; our instructional designers are editors; our project managers write, edit, design, and teach.

  • Enhance your ROI and promote self-sufficiency for your organization through mentoring and on-the-job training as we work.

Broad-based Experience for First-Time Project Success

Over the years, we have enjoyed helping countless clients teach and inform so that customers, students, auditors, regulators, and other stakeholders could easily understand the information they need to make decisions and enhance skills. To see the breadth of our experience with diverse enterprises, check out our Client List.


For business, industry, government, non-profit, and educational enterprises, we offer best practices in communicating (both textually and visually) the information you need your audience to understand. AND, we bring a knowledge base from diverse industries unlike many other specialty communications companies.


With one phone call, you can access resources with 10+ years’ field experience in:


  • Education — Secondary, post-secondary, and college educators as well as senior corporate trainers
  • Engineering/Construction— Business development and marketing professionals from the engineering/building industry
  • Business Development/Fund Raising — Experienced professionals adept at everything from strategic sales writing to large-scale grant and proposal development.
  • Advertising — Creative pros with national marketing and advertising promotional campaign expertise
  • Agriculture — Committed to sustainability, many of our professionals have been actively involved in local foods, nutrition, and urban agriculture
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