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Health Literacy

Case Studies

Select from the list of typical health literacy projects to read about the diverse services we provide and types of deliverables. PDF samples are available upon request for many of these projects as indicated in the project descriptions.







Diagnostic and Treatment Strategies — Mental Health Line of Textbooks

Compact Clinicals Medical Publisher, Kansas City, MO


Services provided:

Managed all writing, editing,  and desktop publishing for client's line of 100-page textbooks for mental health practicioners and family practice professionals on ADHD, bipolar disorder, PTSD, OCD, conduct disorder, depression in adults, and borderline personality disorder. Developed initial information design and writer's guide for authors, conducted structural edit of thought-leader manuscripts to fit publishing length and health literacy best practices, created visuals, and wrote personas for case studies. Performed detailed audit of medical references and developed thorough index for each book in the series. Updated books every two years on average over a 12-year period and won multiple Society for Technical Communication (STC) regional, national, and international publications awards.


For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: The Latest Assessment and Treatment Strategies, by Mathew J. Friedman, MD, PhD, worked with author to revise original manuscript to fit medical publisher's format for condensed reviews for professionals, including reorganizing materials, substantive editing, layout and design, and indexing this 100-page clinician’s textbook and reference guide.

Awarded first-place, Best in Show honor from the Society for Technical Communication in their

international publications competition (see article on judges’ comments and award here).


Deliverables included:

  • Writer's Guide for author submissions

  • Initial information design for line of books

  • Various editions: 

    • Developmental editing for readability, usability, and continuity with medical publisher’s book series format

    • Information design for usability

    • Desktop publishing

    • Book indexing



Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Proposal

Technical Proposal Volumes for Quality Innovation Networks-Quality Improvement Organization  (QIN-QIO) Contract

Alliant Health Solutions (via Shipley Associates, Atlanta, GA

Services provided:

Supported in-house and Shipley Associates ( contract proposal-development teams responding to an RFP issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Working remotely via email and Skype, wrote and edited various, state-specific technical volumes, utilizing best practices for compliant and responsive proposal writing to effectively communicate the client's approach to meeting CMS requirements. This approach encompassed all aspects of providing a regional network designed to engage patients, caregivers, practitioners, and providers to improve key health outcomes for Medicare beneficiaries, especially those most at risk for experiencing disparities in healthcare service delivery, across six states in the U.S. Southeast.


Deliverables included:

  • Technical volume draft content for five volumes reflecting approach for Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia as part of the company's prime offering

  • Technical volume content for two volumes (Georgia and South Carolina) for a Joint Venture proposal

  • Graphics recommendations and information design consulting




Nutrition and Diet Book for Physicians and Patients

Center for Health Management, Gulfport, MS


Services provided: Writing, substantive editing, graphic design, desktop publishing, and indexing for 260-page book for patients and physicians incorporating weight loss into chronic disease management. Client provided 100-page original manuscript and suggested resources for additional content development.


Deliverables included:

  • Research and writing for content additions

  • Substantive editing for readability and usability

  • Graphic design for cover

  • Information design for functional elements within textbook

  • Desktop publishing

  • Indexing




Wellness Program Participant Screening Form

ARC RedefineWellness, Kansas City, MO


Services provided: Writing, editing, and information design/desktop publishing for health screening form used with employees in client companies and health care providers


Deliverables included:

  • Restructured and redesigned Participant Screening Form

  • Restructured and redesigned Healthcare Provider Screening Form




Everyday Answers for Everyday Questions: A Conversation on ADHD (Consumer Publication)

Compact Clinicals, Kansas City, MO


Services provided: Design, writing, and desktop publishing for 60-page prototype health literacy publication for medical publisher to market to consumer outlets such as drugstores, grocery stores, etc. Publication was targeted to parents, family members, and caregivers of children exhibiting symptoms of ADHD.


Deliverables included:

  • Initial design template

  • Content development for lay audience readability

  • Information design for usability

  • Desktop publishing



Patient Health Screening Tools

Pfizer Neuroscience (via Compact Clinicals), Cambridge, MA


Services provided: Writing physician instructions as well as editing and information design for patient health screening tools as follows:


  • Mood Disorder Questionnaire (MDQ) — a brief, easy-to-administer, effective instrument for screening patients who have a history of a manic episode associated with bipolar disorder

  • Clinical Monitoring Form (CMF) — A single form used both for the patient to self-report mood episodes and for the clinician to clarify current clinical status, track response to treatment, and document treatment plan

  • Metabolic Screening and Monitoring Form — A physician tool for identifying those at risk for cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes

  • Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) — A brief tool for assessing those at risk for depressive illness as well as for monitoring symptom severity over time


Deliverables included:

  • Research and writing for physician instructions

  • Editing of form content for readability and usability

  • Information design for forms

  • Desktop publishing



Pitch Articles to Local Media for Gastroenterology Practice

Midwest Gastroenterology, Inc.

(via HJ Design, Marketing Consultant for Medical Practice Groups —


Services provided: Interviewing key management of Midwest Gastroenterology and reviewing client-supplied journal articles and professional association publications to write “pitch” articles to be sent to local print media representatives. The articles were subsequently published in an area newspaper.


Deliverables included: Research and feature article writing




Manuscript Revision for American Psychological Association National Conference Session:  Understanding the Importance of Emotional Impulsiveness in ADHD, by a thought leader in ADHD diagnostic and treatment research

Jones & Bartlett (Medical Publisher), Boston, MA


Services provided: Provided rewrite of this original manuscript (40 pages in length) to comply with publisher’s/content sponsor’s revision requirements, including a substantive edit to reduce the content by half (20 pages or less), greatly enhance readability, change in-text citations to numbered references, and proofread and reorganize references from alphabetical to numerical order.


Deliverables included:

  • Development editing/rewriting for concision (reduce 40 pages to 20 pages) and readability

  • Information design for usability, including creating two new visuals




Consumer Booklet: From Struggle to Success: Adults with ADHD

Jones & Bartlett (Medical Publisher), Boston, MA


Services provided: Research and original writing for health literacy publication for medical publisher targeting adults who might be exhibiting symptoms of ADHD. Information design previously established, and layout/design provided by others.


Deliverables included:

  • Research using client-supplied publications

  • Original writing for lay audience readability




Continuing Medical Education Program for Long-term Care Nurses

Training Manual and Online Assessment Test Bank

Furthering Education for Nurses who Care for the Elderly (FENCE)

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services  (via Missouri Center for Career Education)


Services provided:

Structural editing, proofreading, and desktop publishing for a training and reference manual developed for nursing staff working in long-term care settings. Project involved developing the manual design and template for layout, photo/graphic management and design for maximum comprehension, editing manual content for consistent voice among nine contributors, editing chapter reviews for consistency with online assessments, developing a usable glossary, and creating an APA-compliant reference list from 150+ supplied references (including researching complete citations and validating Internet sources).


Deliverables included:

  • Edited and desktop published 52-chapter, 500-page, long-term care nursing manual

  • Edited test questions for online testing database

  • Developed graphics library

  • Validated APA reference list based on 150+ citations


APA Manuscript
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