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Our Solutions:


At In Credible English, we tailor our expertise to your needs and budget. We provide:


  • Customized editorial services for your business writing, editing, and information design needs using best practices across industries

  • A single source for print and online process and business development communication

  • Expertise in responding to commercial and government grant and proposal requirements 

  • Writers who can also design usable and persuasive sales/marketing collateral

  • Full-service documentation project management and development services

  • A fresh, outside perspective that targets user needs for every document you produce

  • Surge capability and just-in-time training for your existing  subject matter experts

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Your Needs:


Our services focus on our clients' critical workplace communication challenges — business development, process documentation, and customer relationship management. Find out how In Credible English can support your needs for:


  • Producing consistent, effective, and professional corporate and consumer communication

  • Creating readable, usable, and persuasive marketing and sales materials that maintain your brand strategy

  • Writing strategic proposals and grant applications that sell your solutions, discriminate you from your competitors, and position you to win contracts

  • Developing well-documented policies, procedures, work instructions, handbooks, and task performance checklists that support ongoing training and audit functions

  • Creating a content strategy for condensing and streamlining enterprise-wide materials written by committee, simplifying and consolidating key messages, and reducing costs through information reuse

  • Saving time and money creating documentation

  • Addressing diverse stakeholders with different information needs

  • Transitioning existing, print-based content to online information resources

  • Mentoring your staff to communicate more effectively



Sample Projects:


We offer a broad range of print and online communication solutions for businesses,

industrial enterprises, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Sample projects inlcude:


Business Development Support —

  • Shipley Associates (client proposal development, customized proposal training,
    sales & marketing materials, web copy)

  • ARCOM (marketing materials, package design, web copy and coordination)

  • Ford, Bacon & Davis (sales materials, proposals, resume database)

  • Etc. Group, Inc. (technical reports)

  • Bingham Environmental (proposals)

  • Eimco Process Engineering (sales materials)

  • Water Power Technologies (proposals)

  • Utah Department of Environmental Quality (compliance workbook, fact sheets)

  • Wireco (marketing materials, public relations materials)

  • Smith Machinery (company brochure, quarterly newsletter)

  • The Agile Conference (conference programs)


Process Documentation —

  • Pacific States Cast Iron Pipe Co. (ISO-9000 documentation)

  • Martin Doors (ISO-9000 documentation)

  • Industrial Instruments (ISO-9000 documentation)

  • Taliaferro & Browne Civil Engineers (policy and procedure manual)


Client/Target Audience Relationship Management —

  • ArbiterSports (Software user manuals for various Web-based products)

  • Compact Clinicals Medical Publisher (Writer's Guide for Manuscript Submissions)

  • Prestige Publications (total editorial development for 2002 Olympics magazine and G8 Summit Magazine [5 years' editions])

  • Market Design Media (total editiorial development for eight chamber of commerce magazines and two specialty publications)


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Find more information here...


  • Association of Proposal Management Professionals —

  • American Society for Quality —

  • Society for Technical Communication —

  • University of Tennessee: Grant Writing Articles, Guides, and Manuals —

  • Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications, Third Edition eBook —





Make your messages make sense to customers, staff members, regulators, and funders with readable, usable, and persuasive print and online communication.

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