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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: The Latest Assessment and Treatment Strategies

Book in a Series of Condensed Reviews for Clinicians

Compact Clinicals Medical Publisher, Kansas City, MO











The Amino Solution
Nutrition and Diet Book for Physicians and Patients

Center for Health Management, Gulfport, MS











Wellness Program Participant Screening Form

ARC RedefineWellness, Kansas City, MO











Everyday Answers for Everyday Questions:
A Conversation on ADHD

(Consumer Publication)

Compact Clinicals, Kansas City, MO














Pitch Articles to Local Media for Gastroenterology Practice

Midwest Gastroenterology, Inc.  (via HJ Design, Marketing Consultant for Medical Practice Groups), Kansas City, MO












Understanding the Importance of Emotional Impulsiveness in ADHD

Manuscript Revision for American Psychological Association National Conference Session

Jones & Bartlett (Medical Publisher), Boston, MA












From Struggle to Success: Adults with ADHD

(Consumer Booklet - Copywriting)

Jones & Bartlett (Medical Publisher), Boston, MA












Furthering Education for Nurses who Care for the Elderly (FENCE)

Continuing Medical Education Program for Long-term Care Nurses

Training Manual and Online Assessment Test Bank

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services  
(via Missouri Center for Career Education)


Patient Health Screening Tools

Pfizer Neuroscience (via Compact Clinicals), Cambridge, MA

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