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Kathi Whitman has been creating usable, readable, and persuasive medical, technical, and business information for 30 years. Her expertise is translating complex messages into something that makes sense to any audience. Kathi is a senior medical writer and project manager for Intermountain Healthcare and holds a B.A. and an M.A. from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.



Emily Hodgson-Soule has 10 years of

experience in writing and editing,

instructional design, and visual design/

mulitmedia. She has served a variety of

clients, from Intermountain Healthcare to

Westminster College, consistently creating

professional documents and diverse

written communication that is concise,

elegant, and easily understood.


Emily's instructional and visual design expertise have been instrumental in producing presentations that beautifully mesh with diverse adult learning styles, enhance corporate identity and branding strategies, and engage and resonate with any audience.


With an M.A. in Professional Communications and a B.S. in Clinical Psychology (minor in Art) from Westminster College, Emily truly brings both the art and the science of effective communication to any project.


With a passion for teaching, Kathi approaches every project as an opportunity to build skills that will help her clients (and students) be more successful. In addition to managing In Credible English, she is an Adjunct Professor at Westminster College, where she teaches professional and technical writing courses in both the Communications Department and in the Masters in Professional Communications program.


Kathi has earned two medical writing certifications from the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA), where she is an active member.  She is also a long-term member of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) and the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP). She has presented workshops on proposal writing, project management, Web writing, and freelance business topics at numerous regional and national conferences for all three organizations.


Kathi's specific areas of expertise include:


  • Developing customized curriculum, training, and student materials for secondary, post-secondary, and adult learners, especially in the area of communication training

  • Writing about complex technology, manufacturing, engineering, and management concepts using everyday language that is both readable and usable for the general public as well as varied “stakeholders”

  • Writing, editing, and managing proposals for grant applications as well as commercial and govenment RFP opportunities.

  • Copy writing/editorial development for large publication projects, including managing schedules, resources, reviews, deliverables, and costs as well as post-production records management and client communication

  • Strategic research strategies, including conducting effective interviews by phone, e-mail, and in person and critically evaluating print and Web source documents for credibility and accuracy

  • Balancing graphics with text to powerfully deliver print and Web messages for highly visual audiences; proficient at desktop publishing (especially Adobe InDesign)

Kathi Whitman, Owner /Senior Medical Writer

Emily Hodgson-Soule, Communication Artist

Pam Besheer, Marketing & Business Development Maven

Pam Besheer has over 30 years of experience producing scalable integrated marketing, communications, and business

development plans for entrepreneurial companies, especially in the areas of medicine and law. Her specialties include brand

development, positioning, increasing awareness across markets and industries through marketing communications, Web,

social media, collateral, media relations, community involvement strategies, and more.

Pam works closely to help entrepreneurs turn prospects into clients who are raging fans! She can help identify and prioritize the
right strategies to execute that will provide the greatest return. Then, she integrates those strategies into how companies do business.


She has extensive expertise working with healthcare, wellness, Affordable Care Act, benefits, workers’ compensation,  and population health metrics, including risk sharing and various weighting strategies.

Leah Miller, Writer/Editor

Leah Miller is currently in her senior

year at Westminster College. She will

graduate in June 2015 with a B.A. in

Communication and minors in

Sociology and Spanish. She has past

experience working with non-profits to build and redesign branding that is informational and useful for clients. She has created readable, compelling and usable websites, user manuals and brochures for non-profits organizations.


Leah also has experience managing large projects that include writing, editing and designing proposals, grants and infographics. She is skilled in breaking down technical jargon into everyday language that customers can understand easily. Her infographics allow consumers to understand concepts through images and short, concise paragraphs of information. Her passion for writing and design brings new and innovative ideas to every project.


Julie Speck, Instructional Designer


Julie Speck has over 11 years of experience developing and delivering adult training experiences and materials for the Federal

Reserve Bank, Verisys (medical credentialing enterprise), and ArbiterSports (software firm). She has used her research and

writing skills to develop and deliver instructor-led, blended, and Web-based training.  Active along the entire life cycle of the

training project, Julie conducts training analyses, subject matter expert (SME) interviews, stakeholder reviews, pilots, and

various levels of assessments at the close of the project.  As technology has improved and learning development became richer

in forms of interaction, audio, and video, Julie not only tackled creating the training, but also providing voice talent to projects

as well.


Julie received a B.A. from Texas A&M University and has extensive background in adult learning theory. She is proficient with Adobe learning and design programs, Microsoft Office Suite, and Audacity® (Audio Editor/Recorder). 



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