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It's All About Relationships


At the end of the day, you choose a service company for their reputation. At In Credible English, we do our best to bring knowledge, skillful diligence, accountability, and problem-solving creativity to every project. Here's what our long-term clients value about our work:

About Us

In Credible English has been the perfect match for our publishing and design firm. They make producing a publication a snap by providing professional writing services for us that do not compromise our relationship with our clientele. We depend on In Credible English for editorial content on any and all subject matter. There is never a worry about that part of publishing because they have the resources to research, develop and write copy that is impressive and fits the style of publication we are designing.


We feel peace of mind knowing that In Credible English is behind the writing for our editorial publications and design projects as a whole because we know that they can back up everything they research and write. In fact, we have had in-house writers in the past, and our experience with In Credible English has eliminated any need to employ writers on our staff. They are there when we need them most, and we have found that teaming on publishing projects saves time and money and the internal hassle of dumping all writing on one or two in-house writers. In Credible English offers us all types of writing resources in addition to expertise in professional design programs. We simply do not have to worry about having to redesign everything because their writers can make changes right in the programs we use especially when we are at crunch time.


Hands down, In Credible English has been the best fit for our copy, research, and editing needs. They bring a wide variety of expertise to each project, stay on top of every deadline, and they never get in the way of our client relationship -- if anything, they make us look better.


Eric K. Richards

President, Market Design Media Group

What sets In Credible English apart from their competition is their ability to listen to the needs of their clients and to produce their product with a personal concern for the success of the client. No combination works as well as outstanding ability coupled with personalized service!

In Credible English has been invaluable in assisting our firm to develop marketing and promotional literature as well as proposals that win contracts. Scientists and engineers have a tendency to state their qualifications and experience as if that alone should win a contract or place them above their competition. For us, In Credible English has demonstrated a uniquely creative ability, identifying those particular capabilities of our firm that set us apart from our competition and presenting that information in a manner that demands attention.


Michael O'Hara, Senior Environmental Scientist
Granite Environmental, Inc.



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