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Your Needs:


Our services focus on our clients' critical needs to effectively communicate health and wellness concepts to diverse audiences. Patients need to understand their care options and how to optimize their healthcare outcomes. Find out how In Credible English can support your needs for:


  • Presenting patent information at reading and numeracy levels accessible to those with low-literacy skills

  • Engaging patients in using Personal Health Records to support your practice goals and Meaningful Use requirements

  • Better preparing patients to achieve treatment goals

  • Designing information for visual as well as textual readers and for ESL audiences

  • Creating wellness information targeted especially to different age groups: children, youth, adults, the elderly

  • Developing staff performance support materials and assessment strategies

  • Communicating consistently and persistently to help both patients and staff not only take action, BUT take the right action at the right time

  • Evangelizing practice success outcomes



Our Solutions:


At In Credible English, we understand that outcomes matter, and the first step to ensuring successful outcomes is to make your message make sense to every patient, staff member, and referring professional. We provide:


  • Expertise in preparing and presenting print and online consumer information on issues ranging from prevention to emergency preparedness

  • A single source for medical writing, editing, information design, and training geared to diverse health literacy requirements.

  • Ability to condense and streamline materials into usable information for any attention span

  • Experience broadcasting your health messages across diverse channels via publications, public relations, webinars, social media, product literature, manuals, forms, and patient correspondence.

  • Expertise in writing strategic grants and proposals for commercial, non-profit, and government opportunities

  • Full-service approach to customized CME

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for a variety of Health Literacy
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Sample Projects:


We offer a broad range of medical communication and training solutions for patients and healthcare professionals. Sample projects include:


For Medical Publishers —

  • Compact Clinicals (Kansas City): Diagnostic and treatment textbooks, assessment tools, and patient education materials on mental health and neuropsychiatry topics

  • Jones & Bartlett (Boston): Written content for Adult ADHD patient information brochure; APA conference session manuscript article


For Practitioners and Health Information Providers  —

  • Center for Health Management (Gulfport, MS): Consumer education diet and nutrition book

  • ARC Wellness (Kansas City): Patient health screening forms; wellness card deck

  • Alliant Health Solutions (Atlanta): Technical proposal writing for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services QIN-QIO contract

  • Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services: CME manual for long-term care nursing

  • HJ Design (Kansas City): Copywriting to support marketing consulting for medical practice clients


Check out our full Client List.




Language Matters!

Improved health outcomes, patient and family engagement, meaningful use — When you speak to each and every patient in ways they can understand, positive change becomes possible.

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